THE JAMES BOND THEME - John Barry´s original soundtrack version and
cover version by Roland Alphonso & the Studio One Orchestra

Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Eddie Cantor "Makin' Whoopee"
(from the 1928 musical "Makin'Whoopee")
Walter Donaldson Baba Brooks "King Size" (Sonia Pottinger, Gay Feet 1965)
(from the 1943 musical / 1955 movie "Oklahoma!")
Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II Terry & the Hurricanes "Oklahoma" (Wirl 1966)
"Fiddler On The Roof"
(from the musical / film "Fiddler On The Roof")
Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick Soul Brothers "Fiddler On The Roof" (Clement Dodd 1967)
Soul Vendors "Swing Easy" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1967)
"The Lonely Goatherd"
(from the 1959 musical "The Sound of Music")
Richard Rodgers Tommy McCook "Lonely Reggae" aka. "Laba Laba Reggae" (Duke Reid, Trojan UK 1968)
Ed Ames "Try To Remember" (RCA Victor 1965)
Roger Williams "Try To Remember" (Kapp 1965)
The Brothers Four "Try To Remember" (Columbia 1965)
(from the 1960 musical "The Fantasticks")
Harvey Schmidt, Tom Jones Pat Kelly "Try To Remember" (Bunny Lee, Lee´s 1969)
Louis Armstrong "Hello Dolly" (Kapp 1964)
(from the musical "Hello Dolly")
Jerry Herman Pat Satchmo "Hello Dolly" (Lee Perry, Upsetter 1969)
Julie Andrews "Mary Poppins"
(from the 1964 musical film "Mary Poppins")
Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Danny Simpson & Tommy McCook "Mary Poppins" (Duke Reid Treasure Isle 1968)
Llans Thelwell "Mary Poppins" (Dynamic LP 'An Etc Holiday...')
Cliff Richards "The Young Ones" (Columbia 1962)
(from the 1961 musical film "The Young Ones" aka. "Wonderful to Be Young!")
Brian Bennett, Sid Tepper Lloyd Clark "Young Love" (A. Barnett, Top Disk 1968)
Henry Mancini & his Orchestra "Baby Elephant Walk"
(from the 1962 Paramount movie "Hatari!")
Henry Mancini Baba Brooks "Baby Elephant Walk" (Vincent Chin, Randy´s 1964)
Roland Alphonso "Elephant Walk" (WIRL LP 'I´ll Remember Jamaica' 1966)
Henry Mancini & his Orchestra "Charade"
(from the 1963 Universal movie "Charade")
Henry Mancini Roland Alphonso "Charade" (Leslie Kong, Beverley´s 1967)
Henry Mancini & his Orchestra "Mambo Parisienne"
(from the 1963 Universal movie "Charade")
Henry Mancini Roland Alphonso "Ska La Parisienne" (Clement Dodd, C&N 1964)
Henry Mancini & his Orchestra "A Shot In The Dark" (RCA Victor 1964)
(from the 1964 United Artists movie "A Shot In The Dark")
Henry Mancini Skatalites "Shot In The Dark" (Justin Yap, Top Deck 1965)
"How Soon (Theme From the Richard Boone Show)"
Jackie Trent "How Soon (Theme From the Richard Boone Show)" (Pye 1964) (vocal)
Henry Mancini Roland Alphonso "How Soon" (Sam Mitchell & Keith Scott, Merritone 1967)
Joe Reisman Orchestra "The Guns Of Navarone"
(from the 1961 Columbia movie "The Guns Of Navarone" / Landa 1961)
Dimitri Tiompkin Skatalites "Guns Of Navarone" (Clement Dodd, Muzik City 1964)
Matt Monro "From Russia With Love" (Parlophone 1963)
(from the 1963 United Artists movie "From Russia With Love")
Lionel Bart Roland Alphonso "From Russia Wth Love" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1965)
John Barry Orchestra "The James Bond Theme"
(from the 1962 United Artists movie "Dr. No")
Monty Norman Roland Alphonso "James Bond" (Clement Dodd, C&N 1965)
(from the 1960 United Artists movie "Exodus")
Ernest Gold Tommy McCook "Exodus" (Clement Dodd, Muzik City 1964)
"Bonanza", "Lonely Prairie", "Lone Ranger" J. Livingstone, R. Evans
"Lone Ranger" is an adaption of Rossini´s Wilhelm Tell theme
Carlos Malcolm "Bonanza Ska" (Carlos Malcolm, Up-Beat 1964)
Prince Buster "Little Joe" (Prince Buster, Voice Of The People 1965) uses the "Bonanza" theme
"Popeye" Sammy Lerner Granville Williams Orchestra "Popeye Ska" (Granville Williams , GWO 1964)
"Magnificent Seven"
(from the 1960 United Artists movie "The Magnificent Seven")
Elmer Bernstein Baba Brooks & Lynn Taitt "Magnificent Ska" (Duke Reid, first released in 1998)
Winston Wright "Magnificent Seven" (Rupie Edwards, Success 1969)
Anton Karas "The Third Man Theme" aka "The Harry Lime Theme"
(from the 1949 British Lion movie "The Third Man", Decca 1950)
Anton Karas Skatalites "Third Man Ska" (Clement Dodd, Supreme 1966)
Granville Williams Orchestra "Third Man Theme" (Granville Williams , GWO 1966)
"Peter Gunn"
(from the 1958 television series "Peter Gunn")
Henry Mancini Buster´s All Stars "Jet 707" (Prince Buster, Wild Bells 1964)
Johnny Spence Orchestra "The Dr. Kildare Theme" 1962
Richard Chamberlain (MGM)
(from the 1961 television series "Dr. Kildare")
Jerry Goldsmith, Pete Rugolo, Hal Winn Roland Alphonso "Dr. Kildare" (Clement Dodd, All Stars 1964)
Neal Hefti "Batman Theme" (RCA Victor 1966)
(from the 1966 television series "Batman" )
Neal Hefti Lynn Taitt "Bat Man" (Sam Mitchell & Keith Scott, Merritone 1968)
Neal Hefti "The Mafista" (LP 'Batman Theme and 11 Hefti Bat Songs', RCA Victor 1966)
(from the 1966 television series "Batman" )
Neal Hefti Abyssinians "Satta Massa Gana" (Linford Manning, Clinch 1969)
Not a cover version, but definitely inspired by "The Mafista"!
Or was it Willie Tee "All For One" (AFO 1962)?
Marketts "Bat Cape" (LP 'The Batman Theme', Warner Bros. 1966)
(from the 1966 television series "Batman" )
Dick Glasser / Al Capps Lynn Taitt & the Jets "Mr. Dooby" (Sam Mitchell & Keith Scott, Merritone 1968)
Laurie Johnson Orchestra "Echo Four Two"
(from the 1961 television series "Echo Four Two" )
Laurie Johnson Roland Alphonso "Ball Of Fire" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1965)
Laurie Johnson Orchestra "Sucu Sucu"
(from the 1961/62 British television series "Top Secret")
The song was originally interpreted in 1960 by Ping Ping, a Surinamese singer.
Tarateño Rojas (1958) Roland Alphonso "Sucu Sucu" (Clement Dodd, Muzik City 1964)
"Samba De Orfeu"
(from the 1959 movie "Black Orpheus")
Luiz Bonfa Skatalites "Black Sunday" (Clement Dodd, C&N 1964)
Mr. Acker Bilk "Stranger On The Shore" (Columbia 1961)
(from the BBC TV series)
Acker Bilk, Robert MellinVal Bennett "Popeye On The Shore" aka "Stranger On The Shore" (Lee Perry, Upset 1968)
David Isaacs "Stranger On The Shore" (Lee Perry, Justice League 1973)
"The Good, The Bad And The Ugly"
(from the 1966 United Artists movie "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly")
Ennio Morricone Llans Thelwell "Good, Bad And Ugly" (Dynamic LP 'An Etc Holiday...')
Hugo Winterhalter "Theme From A Summer Place" (1959)
Percy Faith "Theme From A Summer Place" (Columbia 1959)
(from the 1959 Warner Bros. movie "A Summer Place")
Max Steiner Crystalites "Illya Kuryakin" (Derrick Harriott, Crystal 1968)
Talat Mehmood and Shamshad Begum "Milte Hi Ankhen Dil Hua Diwana"
(from the 1950 Bollywood movie "Babul")
Naushad Ali, Shakeel Badayuni Sam Carty "Bird In Hand" (Lee Perry, Upsetter LP 'Return Of The Super Ape' 1978)
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