The Impressions´ MINSTREL AND QUEEN was renamed QUEEN MAJESTY for the Jamaican release.

Motown & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Barrett Strong "Money (That´s What I Want)" (Motown 1960) Berry Gordy, Janie Bradford Basil Gabbidon "Cash Ain´t Trash" (Clement Dodd, All Stars 1961)
Peter Austin and Hortense Lewis "I Want Money" (Clement Dodd, Up Town 1966)
Contours "Do You Love Me" (Gordy 1962) Berry Gordy Wailers "Playboy" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1964)
Temptations "I Want A Love I Can See" (Gordy 1963) William "Smokey" Robinson John Holt "A Love I Can Feel" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1970)
Temptations "The Further You Look Is The Less You See" (Gordy 1963) Norman Whitfield, William "Smokey" Robinson John Holt "The Further You Look" (Tony Ashfield & Mike Berry, Federal 1972)
Temptations "The Girl´s Alright With Me" (Gordy 1964) Norman Whitfield, Edward Holland, Jr., Eddie Kendricks Derrick Harriott "The Girl´s Alright With Me" (Derrick Harriott, Pama LP 1969)
Temptations "My Girl" (Gordy 1965) William 'Smokey' Robinson, Ronald White Prince Buster "Sunshine With My Girl" (Buster 1966)
Dandy & the Rudies "My Girl" (UK prod. 1968)
Temptations "Don´t Look Back" (Gordy 1965) William 'Smokey' Robinson, Ronald White Peter Tosh "Don´t Look Back" (Dodd 1966)
Busty Brown "Don´t Look Back" (Eccles 1968)
Temptations "Everybody Needs Love" (Gordy LP 'The Temptin' Temptations' 1965)
Gladys Knight & the Pips "Everybody Needs Love" (Soul 1967)
Eddie Holland, Norman Whitfield Slim Smith "Everybody Needs Love" (Bunny Lee 1968)
Doreen Shaeffer (Maxine) "Everybody Needs Love" (Bunny Lee 1970)
Temptations "Born To Love You" (Gordy LP 'Temptin' Temptations' 1965) Ivy Jo Hunter, William "Mickey" Stevenson Sensations "Born To Love You" (Bunny Lee 1967)
Slim Smith "Born To Love You" (Dodd 1968)
Derrick Harriott "Born To Love You" (Harriott 1968)
Temptations "Just Another Lonely Night" (Gordy LP 'Temptin' Temptations' 1965) Ivy Jo Hunter, William "Mickey" Stevenson Derrick Harriott "Another Lonely Night" (Harriott, Crystal 1969)
Temptations "Don´t Look Back" (Gordy 1965) William 'Smokey' Robinson, Ronald White Keith And Tex "Don´t Look Back" (Harriott 1968)
Temptations "Get Ready" (Gordy 1966) William 'Smokey' Robinson Delroy Wilson "Get Ready" (Dodd 1967)
Temptations "I Wish It Would Rain" (Gordy 1967) Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong, Roger Penzabene Techniques "I Wish It Would Rain" (Reid 1968)
Temptations ? Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Sensations "Lonely Lover" (Bunny Lee 1967)
Temptations "Ain´t Too Proud To Beg" (Gordy 1966) Norman Whitfield, Eddie Holland Slim Smith "Too Proud To Beg" (Bunny Lee 1969)
Temptations "You´ll Lose A Precious Love" (Gordy 1966) William "Smokey" Robinson Uniques "You´ll Lose A Precious Love" (?)
Temptations "How Can I Forget" (Gordy 1968)
Marvin Gaye "How Can I Forget" (Tamla 1969)
Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong Busty Brown "How Can I Forget" (Perry 1969)
Temptations "Cloud Nine" (Gordy 1969) Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong Carl Dawkins "Cloud Nine" (Perry 196?)
Temptations "Message From A Black Man" (Gordy LP 'Puzzle People' 1969) Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong Derrick Harriott "Message From A Black Man" (Harriott 1970)
Heptones "Message From A Black Man" (Dodd 1970)
Prince Buster "Message From A Black Man" (Prince Buster)
Temptations "Slave" (Gordy LP 'Puzzle People' 1969) Norman Whitfield, Barrett Whitfield Derrick Harriott "Slave" (Harriott 1971)
Temptations "Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)" (Gordy 1971) Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong The Darker Shades Of Black "Ball Of Confusion" (Bunny Lee, Jackpot 1970)
Temptations "Just My Imagination" (Gordy 1971) Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong Dave Barker & Lloyd Charmers "Just My Imagination" (Lloyd Tyrell 1971)
Temptations "Smiling Faces Sometimes" (Gordy LP 'Sky's The Limit', 1971)
The Undisputed Truth "Smiling Faces Sometimes" (Gordy 1971)
Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong Tinga Stewart "Smiling Faces" (Lee Perry, Justice League 1972)
Stevie Wonder "A Place In The Sun" (Tamla 1966) Ronald Miller, Bryan Wells David Isaacs "Place In The Sun" (Perry 1968)
Slim Smith "A Place In The Sun" (Bunny Lee 1969)
Rico Rodriguez "Place In The Sun" (Pama 1969)
Stevie Wonder "Uptight" (Tamla 1966) Stevie Wonder, Sylvia Moy, Henry Cosby Delroy Wilson "Funky Broadway" (Dodd)
also includes Dyke & the Blazers' "Funky Broadway"
Stevie Wonder "Never Had A Dream Come True" (Tamla 1969) Stevie Wonder, Henry Cosby, Sylvia Moy Glen Adams "Never Had A Dream Come True" (Perry 1970)
Stevie Wonder "My Cherie Amour" (Tamla 1969) Cosby, Moy, Wonder Harry J All Stars "My Cherie Amour" (Harry Johnson 1970)
Barry Biggs "My Cherie Amour" (Harry Johnson 1970)
Jimmy Ruffin "I´ve Passed This Way Before" (Soul 1966) James Dean, William Witherspoon Federals "I´ve Passed This Way Before" (David Scott 1968)
Jr. Walker & The Allstars "Shotgun" (Soul 1965) Autry De Walt Wailers "Ska Jerk" (Dodd 1965)
Jr. Walker & The Allstars "Hot Cha" (Soul 1965) Willie Woods Roland Alponso "Bond Street Special" (Treasure Isle 1966)
Jr. Walker & The Allstars "Cleo´s Back" (Soul 1965) Willie Woods Roland Alponso "Cleo´s Back" (Yap 1965)
Jr. Walker & the Allstars "These Eyes" (Soul 1969) Bachman, Cummings Stranger Cole "Crying Every Night" (Byron Smith, Baron's 1971)
Jr. Walker & the Allstars "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)" (Soul 1969) Bristol, Fugue, Bullock Alton Ellis "What Does It Take To Win Your Love For Me" (Reid 1970)
Miracles "Shop Around" (Tamla 1960) Berry Gordy, Jr., Smokey Robinson Soul Leaders (Inspirations) "Mother´s Advice" (Eccles 1968)
Miracles "You´ve Really Got A Hold On Me" (Tamla 1962) Smokey Robinson Derrick Harriott "You´ve Really Got A Hold On Me" (Harriott 1969)
Miracles "The Tracks Of My Tears" (Tamla 1965) William "Smokey" Robinson, Warren Moore, Marvin Tarplin Pat Kelly "The Tracks Of My Tears" (Bunny Lee 1969)
Miracles "Choosey Beggar" (Tamla 1965) William Robinson, Warren Moore Rita Anderson "A De Pon Dem" (Dodd 1966)
Miracles "My Girl Has Gone" (Tamla 1965) Smokey Robinson, Ronald White, Warren Moore, Marvin Tarplin Ken Parker "My Girl Has Gone (When You Were Mine)" (Bunny Lee 1970)
Miracles "Save Me" (Tamla 1966) Wm. Robinson, W. Moore, R. Rogers Alton Ellis, Zoot Simms & Peter Austin "Rude Boy Prayer" aka. "Rudy's Prayer" (Clement Dodd, blank 1966)
Smokey Robinson & Miracles "The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage" (Tamla 1967) Smokey Robinson, Marvin Tarplin Uniques "Just A Mirage" (Winston Lowe, Tramp 1968)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles "I Second That Emotion" (Tamla 1967) Robinson, Cleveland Albert Tomlinson / Martinis "I Second That Emotion" (Clement Dodd 1968)
Smokey Robinson "Just My Soul Responding" (Tamla LP 'Smokey' 1973) W. Robinson, M. Tarplin Nana McLean "Soul Respond" (Clement Clement Dodd 1973)
Isley Brothers "This Old Heart Of Mine" (Tamla 1966) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Delroy Wilson "This Old Heart Of Mine" (Bunny Lee 1967)
Isley Brothers "That's The Way Love Is" (Tamla 1967) Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong Uniques "That's The Way Love Is" (Winston Lowe / Charmers 1968)
Marvin Gaye & the Vandellas "Stubborn Kind Of Fellow" (Tamla 1962) Gaye, Stevenson, Gordy Blues Busters "Stubborn Kinda Fellow" aka. "Everybody Yeah Yeah" (Buster 1965)
Marvin Gaye "Can I Get A Witness" (Tamla 1963) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Owen Gray "Can I Get A Witness" (1965)
Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells "Once Upon A Time" (Motown 1964) Paul, Hamilton, Stevenson, Ales Delroy Wilson "Once Upon A Time" (Delroy Wilson / Stranger Cole 1968)
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell "If I Could Build My Whole World Around You" (Tamla 1967) Bristol, Fuqua, Bullock Uniques "Build My Whole World Around You" (Bunny Lee 1968)
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell "If This World Were Mine" (Tamla 1967) Marvin Gaye Tyrone Evans "If This World Were Mine" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1969)
Supremes "Come See About Me" (Motown 1964) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Lloyd Charmers "Come See About Me" (Charmers 1969)
Supremes "You Keep Me Hangin' On" (Motown 1966)
Wilson Pickett "You Keep Me Hangin' On" (Atlantic 1969)
Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Ken Boothe "Keep Me Hanging On" (aka "Set Me Free") (Dodd 1968)
Brenda Holloway "You´ve Made Me So Very Happy" (Tamla 1967)
Blood, Sweat & Tears "You Made Me So Very Happy" (Columbia 1969)
Berry Gordy, Jr., Brenda Holloway, Patrice Holloway, Frank Wilson Alton Ellis "You Made Me So Very Happy" (Reid 1969)
Edwin Starr "War" (Gordy 1970) Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong Randy´s All Stars "War" (Vincent Chin 1970)
The Darker Shades Of Black "War" (Bunny Lee, Jackpot 1970)
Jackson Five "I Want You Back" (Motown 1969) Berry Gordy, Freddie Perren, Alphonzo Mizell, Deke Richards Music Doctors "Wild Bunch" (Dandy 1970)
Jackson Five "I´ll Be There" (Motown 1970) H. Davis, B. Gordy Jr., W. Hutch, B. West Byron Lee "I´ll Be There" (Byron Lee 1970)
Jackson Five "The Young Folks" (Motown 1970) H. Gordy, A. Story Keelyn Beckford "Young Folks" (Alvin Ranglin 1970)
Elgins "Put Yourself In My Place" (VIP 1966) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Delroy Wilson "Put Yourself In My Place" (Sonia Pottinger 1968)
Four Tops "Baby I Need Your Loving" (Motown 1964) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Bob Andy "Baby I Need Your Loving" (Lloyd Tyrell 1969)
Four Tops "Your Love Is Amazing" (Motown 1965) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Delroy Wilson "Your Love Is Amazing" (Clement Dodd, Studio One LP 'Good All Over' 1969)
Dennis Brown "Your Love Is Amazing" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1973)
Freddie McKay "Darling Ooh Your Love Is Amazing" (Dudley Manzie Swaby, Ja Man 1975)
Four Tops "It´s The Same Old Song" (Motown 1965) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Gaylads "Stop Making Love" (Dodd 1966)
Four Tops "Left With A Broken Heart" (Motown 1965) Marv Johnson Paragons "Left With A Broken Heart" (Paragons production 1968)
Four Tops "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever" (Motown 1966) Ivy Jo Hunter, Stevie Wonder Delroy Wilson "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever" (Leslie Kong 1970)
Four Tops "Until You Love Someone" (Motown 1966) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Clarendonians "You Can´t Be Happy" (Dodd 1966)
Four Tops "Reach Out I´ll Be There" (Motown 1966) Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Derrick Harriott "Reach Out I´ll Be There" (Harriott 1967)
Four Tops "Stay In My Lonely Arms" (Motown LP 'The Four Tops' Second Album' 1965)
The Elgins "Stay in my lonely arms" (V.I.P. 1965)
Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland Bob Andy "Stay In My Lonely Arms" (Dodd)
Four Tops "Still Water (Love)" (Motown 1970) Robinson, Wilson Jerry Jones "Still Water" (Dodd 1970)
Stax & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Mar-keys "Last Night" (Satellite 1960) Axton, Smith, Newman, Moman, Caple Byron Lee & The Dragonaires "Last Night Ska" (Byron Lee)
Laurel Aitken "Last Night" (Aitken 1966)
Booker T. & the MGs "Green Onions" (Stax 1962) Jones, Cropper, Steinberg, Jackson Byron Lee & the Dragonaires "Green Onions" (Byron Lee 1962)
Booker T. & The MGs "Hip Hug Her" (Stax 1967) B. Jones, S. Cropper, D. Dunn, A. Jackson Sultans "Hip Hugger" (Dodd 1967)
Booker T. & the MGs "Soul Limbo" (Stax 1968) B. Jones, S. Cropper, D. Dunn, A. Jackson Byron Lee "Soul Limbo" (Byron Lee 1968)
Booker T. & the MGs "Heads Or Tails" (Stax 1968) B. Jones, S. Cropper, D. Dunn, A. Jackson Winston Wright "Heads Or Tails" (Lynford Anderson 1971)
Booker T. & the MGs "Hang 'Em High" (Stax 1968) D. Frontiere Richard Ace "Hang `Em High" (Harry Johnson 1969)
Booker T. & the MGs "Time Is Tight" (Stax 1969) B. Jones, S. Cropper, D. Dunn, A. Jackson Sound Dimension "Time Is Tight" (Dodd 1969)
Lloyd Charmers "Reggae Is Tight" (Lloyd Charmers 1969)
Tommy Cowan "House In Session" (Lloyd Charmers 1969)
Booker T & the MGs "Melting Pot" (Stax 1970) B. Jones, S. Cropper, D. Dunn, A. Jackson Underground Vegetable "Melting Pot" (Dodd 19??)
William Bell "Any Other Way" (Stax 1962)
Chuck Jackson "Any Other Way" (Wand 1964)
William Bell Jackie Opel "I´m Free" (Dodd 1969 [rec earlier])
William Bell "My Whole World Is Falling Down" (Stax 1969) B. T. Jones, W. Bell Ken Parker "My Whole World Is Falling Down" (Dodd 1969)
Bar-Kays "Soul Finger" (Volt 1967) Jimmy King, Phalon Jones, Carl Cunningham, Ben Cauley, Ronnie Caldwell, James Alexander Jackie Mittoo "Soul Finger" (Clement Dodd 1967)
Eddie Floyd "Knock On Wood" (Stax 1967) Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd Prince Buster "Knock On Wood" (Prince Buster 1967)
Alton Ellis "Knock On Wood" (Clement Dodd 1969)
Untouchables "Knock On Wood" (Lee Perry 1970)
Eddie Floyd "Raise Your Hand" (Stax 1967) Cropper / Floyd / Isbell Slim Smith "Try Again" (Clement Dodd 1967)
Prince Buster "Raise Your Hand" (Prince Buster 1967)
Eddie Floyd "Consider Me" (Stax 1969) Floyd / Jones Busty Brown "Consider Me" (Lee Perry 1970)
Sam & Dave "You Don't Know Like I Know" (Stax 1965) Isaac Hayes, Dave Porter Heptones "You Don't Know" (Clement Dodd, Studio One LP 'Ting A Ling')
Sam & Dave "Soul Man" (Stax 1967) Isaac Hayes, Dave Porter Hopeton Lewis & Glen Brown "Soul Man" (Fab)
Rico Rodriguez (Rico Rodriguez 1968)
Otis Redding "Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)" (Volt 1966) Otis Redding, Steve Cropper Prince Buster "Your Turn" (Buster 1967)
Otis Redding "Try A Little Tenderness" (Volt 1966) Jimmy Campbell, Harry Woods, Reg Connelly Ken Boothe "Try A Little Tenderness" (Clement Dodd 1966)
Joe White "Try A Little Tenderness" (Charles Ross 1968)
Joe White "Try A Little Tenderness" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1968)
Prince Buster "Tenderness" (Soul Medley) (Prince Buster 1968)
Otis Redding "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" (Volt 1968) Steve Cropper, Otis Redding Heptones "Dock Of The Bay" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1968)
Otis Redding "That´s How Strong My Love Is" (Volt 1964) Jamison Ken Parker "How Strong" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1966)
Otis Redding "Respect" (Volt 1967)
Aretha Franklin "Respect" (Atlantic 1967)
Otis Redding Prince Buster "Respect" (Prince Buster, Voice Of The People 1965)
Norma Fraser "Respect" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1968)
Otis Redding "Good To Me" (Volt 1966) Otis Redding, Green Slim Smith "Good To Me" (Clement Dodd)
Rudy Vallee "The Glory Of Love" (Melotone 1936)
Otis Redding "The Glory Of Love" (Stax 1967)
Billy Hill Prince Buster "The Glory Of Love" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1968)
Otis Redding "Hard To Handle" (Atco 1968) Redding, Jones, Isbell Carl Dawkins "Hard To Handle" (Lee Perry, Upsetter 1969)
Upsetters "Heat Proof" (Lee Perry, Trojan LP 1969)
Otis Redding "I´ve Got Dreams To Remember" (Atco 1968) Zelma Redding, Otis Redding, Joe Rock Prince Buster "Dreams To Remember" (Prince Buster, blank 1969)
Soul Children "The Sweeter He Is" (Stax 1969) Isaac Hayes, David Porter Dave Barker "Sweeter She Is" (Lloyd Charmers, Splash 1969)
Judy Clay & William Bell "Private Number" (Stax 1968) B. T. Jones, William Bell Ernest Wilson "My Private Number" (Joe Gibbs, Soul Shot 1969)
Johnny Taylor "Ain´t That Lovin' You (For More Reasons Than One)" (Stax 1967) Banks, Jones Alton Ellis "Ain´t That Loving You" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1967)
Alton Ellis "Ain´t That Loving You" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone LP 1967)
Rupie Edwards & the Virtues "Falling In Love" (Rupie Edwards, Success 1968)
Carla Thomas "Another Night Without My Man" (Stax 1966) Isbell, Cropper, Floyd Soul Sisters "Another Night" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1970)
Wendy Rene "After Laughter" (Stax 1964) Frierson, Frierson Freddie McGregor "After Laughter" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1967)
Noel Brown "After Laughter" (Tony Robinson, High School 1971)
Impressions & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Impressions "Talking About My Baby" (ABC Paramount 1963) Curtis Mayfield Wailers "Diamond Baby" (Dodd 1965)
Impressions "I´ve Got To Keep On Moving" (ABC-Paramount LP 'The Never Ending Impressions' 1964) Curtis Mayfield Wailers "Rude Boy" (Dodd 1965) (including a part of "Keep On Moving")
Bob Marley & The Wailers "Keep On Moving" (Perry 1970)
Impressions "Amen" (ABC Paramount 1964) trad. / Jester Hairston Wailers "Amen" (Clement Dodd, Muzik City 1964)
Virtues "Amen" (Ronnie Nasralla, BMN 1965)
The Impressions "I Made A Mistake" (ABC Paramount 1964) Curtis Mayfield Wailers "I Made A Mistake" (Dodd 1965)
The Impressions "Just Another Dance" (ABC Paramount LP 'People Get Ready' 1965) Curtis Mayfield Wailers "Another Dance" (Dodd, Studio One 1965)
Impressions "It´s Alright" (ABC Paramount 1963) Curtis Mayfield Derrick Morgan "It´s Alright" (Dodd 1966)
Impressions "Gypsy Woman" (ABC Paramount 1961) Curtis Mayfield Uniques "Gypsy Woman" (Bunny Lee 1967)
Prince Buster "Sheperd Beng" (Buster 1967)
Impressions "People Get Ready" (ABC Paramount 1965) Curtis Mayfield Minstrels "People Get Ready" (Dodd 1967)
Keith & Tony "Cool Cool Train" (?)
Reggae Boys (Pioneers) "The Reggae Train" (Gibbs 1969)
Junior Murvin "Rasta Get Ready" (Perry)
Devon Russel "People Get Ready" (Dodd, Studio One LP)
Wailers "One Love" (Dodd 1965) (including a part of "People Get Ready")
Impressions "You´ll Want Me Back" (ABC Paramount 1963)
Major Lance "You´ll Want Me Back" (Okeh 1966)
Curtis Mayfield Techniques "You Don´t Care" (Reid 1967)
Impressions "Grow Closer Together" (ABC Paramount 1962) Curtis Mayfield Prince Buster "Closer Together" (Buster 1968)
Impressions "Long, Long Winter" (ABC Paramount 1964) Curtis Mayfield Prince Buster "Long Winter" (Prince Buster, Islam 1965)
Impressions "Keep On Pushing" (ABC Paramount 1964) Curtis Mayfield Lloyd (Robinson) & Glen (Brown) "Keep On Pushing" (Bobby Aitken 1967)
Impressions "Dedicate My Song To You" (ABC Paramount LP 'Keep On Pushing' 1964) Curtis Mayfield Jamaicans "Dedicated To You" aka "Dedicate My Song To You" (Reid 1967)
Gene Chandler "Man´s Temptation" (Vee-Jay 1963) Curtis Mayfield Neol "Bunny" Brown "Man´s Temptation" (Harriott 1968)
Jerry Butler "He Will Break Your Heart" (Vee-Jay 1960) Curtis Mayfield Silvertones "He Will Break Your Heart" (Perry 1968)
Major Lance "The Monkey Time" (Okeh 1963) Curtis Mayfield Progressions "Are You Ready" (Kismet 196?)
Jan Bradley "Mama Didn´t Lie" (Chess 1963) Curtis Mayfield Derrick Harriott "Mama Didn´t Lie" (Harriott 1965)
Impressions "I´m So Proud" (ABC Paramount 1964) Curtis Mayfield

Joe White "I´m So Proud" (C. Ross 1968)
Karl Bryan "I´m So Proud (Instrumental)" (C. Ross 1968)

Impressions "Never Let Me Go" (ABC Paramount 1962) Scott Uniques "Never Let Me Go" (Bunny Lee 1967)
Slim Smith "Never Let Me Go" (Bunny Lee 1969)
Impressions "Just One Kiss From You" (ABC-Paramount 1965) Curtis Mayfield Gaylads "Just A Kiss From You" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1966)
Impressions "Man Oh Man" (ABC-Paramount 1965) Curtis Mayfield Hopeton Lewis & Glen Brown "Live Like A King" (Wong Brothers, WIRL 1968)
Impressions "That´s What Love Will Do" (ABC-Paramount LP 'The Never Ending Impressions' 1964) Curtis Mayfield Gaylads "That´s What Love Will Do" (Leslie Kong 1969)
Impressions "Little Boy Blue" (ABC-Paramount LP 'The Never Ending Impressions' 1964) Curtis Mayfield Pat Kelly "Little Boy Blue" (Bunny Lee 1967)
Techniques "Little Boy Blue" (1968)
Impressions "Right On Time" (ABC-Paramount LP 'Ridin' High' 1966) Curtis Mayfield Sensations "Right On Time" (Bunny Lee 1967)
Impressions "Minstrel And Queen" (ABC Paramount 1962) Curtis Mayfield Techniques "Queen Majesty" (Reid 1967)
Eternals "Queen Of The Minstrel (Dodd 1969)
Impressions "My Woman´s Love" (Curtom 1968) Curtis Mayfield Uniques "My Woman´s Love" (W. Lowe 1968)
Impressions "Choice Of Colors" (Curtom 1969) Curtis Mayfield Heptones "Choice Of Color" (Dodd 1969)
Chess & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Billy Stewart "Sitting In The Park" (Chess 1965) Billy Stewart Alton Ellis "Sitting In The Park" (Clenet Dodd, Cosxsone LP 1969)
Slim Smith "Sitting In The Park" (Bunny Lee, Jackpot 1973)
Little Milton "We´re Gonna Make It" (Checker 1965) Davis, Smith, Miner Delroy Wilson & Hortense Ellis "We´re Gonna Make It" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone1966)
Fontella Bass "Rescue Me" (Checker 1965) C. Smith, R. Moner Reggae Girls "Rescue Me" (Harrold Deeland?, blank 1969)
Fontella Bass "Leave It In The Hands Of Love" (Checker 1965)
Sugar Pie DeSanto, Shena DeMell Phyllis Dillon "Leave It In The Hands Of Love" (Duke Reid, Sure Shot 1967)
Sonny Warner "Bell Bottom Blue Jeans" (Checker 1966) Gene Barge, Maurice McAllister Symarip "Skinhead Girl" (Graeme Goodall)
Marlena Shaw "Woman Of The Ghetto" (Cadet 1969) B. Miller, M. Shaw, R. Evans Phyllis Dillon "Woman Of The Ghetto" (Duke Reid 1972)
Hortense Ellis "Woman Of The Ghetto" (Clive Chin, Demon 1973)
Mitty Collier "I Had A Talk With My Man" (Chess 1964) B. Davis, L. Caston John Holt "Sometimes" (Bunny Lee, Lee's 1969)
Mitty Collier "Sharing You" (Chess 1966) Ronald Saunders Prince Buster "Sharing You" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
Clarence Carter "Tell Daddy" (Fame 1966)
Etta James "Tell Mama" (Cadet 1967)
Clarence Carter Prince Buster "Yes Daddy" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
James Phelps "I'll Do The Best I Can" (Argo 1965) R. Ford, Billy Davis Lascelles Perkins "I'll Do The Best I Can" (Clement Dodd, Faze Four 1974)
The Violinaires "I Don't Know" (Chess 1968) Gene Barge Junior Byles " Demonstration and Protest (What's The World Coming To)" (Lee Perry, Upsetter 1970)
Ramsey Lewis "Mi Compasion" (Cadet LP 'Wade In The Water' 1966) Esmond Edwards Jackie Mittoo "Free Soul" (Clement Dodd, Up Town 1966)
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Johnny Nash "Let's Move And Groove (Together)" (JoDa 1965) Margaret Nash Clive Alphonso "Moving Together" (Clement Dodd, Studio One LP 'Reggae In The Grass' 1968)
Johnny Nash "Falling In And Out Of Love" (Janus 1970) Al Pyfrom / Jimmy Norman Lord Tanamo "Keep On Moving" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1970)
Betty Everett "You're No Good" (Vee-Jay 1963) Clint Ballard, Jr. Marcia Griffiths "You're No Good" (Clement Dodd, Supreme 1966)
Tommy Hunt "Human" (Scepter 1962) Luther Dixon, Elgin, Lorber Prince Buster "Human" (Prince Buster, Prince Buster 1967)
Jimmy Hughes "I Want Justice" (Fame 1964) O. Frank, D. Penn Delroy Wilson "I Want Justice" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1965)
Fred Hughes "Oo Wee Baby, I Love You" (Vee-Jay 1965) Richard Parker Ken Boothe "Oo Wee Baby" (Clement Dodd, Supreme 1965)
Fred Hughes "My Heart Cries Oh" (Vee-Jay 1966) Richard Parker Vic Taylor "My Heartaches" (Rocksteady cut) (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1967)
Vic Taylor "My Heartaches" (Reggae cut) (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1969)
Wilson Pickett "In The Midnight Hour" (Atlantic 1965) Wilson Pickett, Steve Cropper Silvertones "Midnight Hour" (Duke Reid, Soul Shot 1968)
"Midnight Hour" quoted in
Ken Lazarus "Soul Time" aka. "Soul Ska" (Byron Lee, BRA 1966)
Wilson Pickett "If You Need Me" (Double L 1963)
Solomon Burke "If You Need Me" (Atlantic 1963)
Pickett, Bateman, Sanders Laurel Aitken "If You Need Me" (Laurel Aitken, Doctor Bird LP 'Says Fire' 1969)
Solomon Burke "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" (Atlantic 1964)
Wilson Pickett "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" (Atlantic 1967)
Jerry Wexler, Bert Berns, Solomon Burke Derrick Harriott "Everybody Needs Somebody" (Carlos Malcolm, Up-Beat 1964)
Slim Smith "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" (Bunny Lee, Unity 1969)
Mike Williams "Lonely Soldier" (Atlantic 1966) Gaines, Leeper Gregory Isaacs "Lonely Soldier" (Clive Chin, Impact 1973)
Clarence Carter "Slip Away" (Atlantic 1968) W. Armstrong, W. Terrell, M. Daniel Slim Smith "Slip Away" (Bunny Lee, Unity 1969)
Spinners "I´ll Be Around" (Atlantic 1972) Thom Bell, Phil Hurtt Otis Gayle "I'll Be Around" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1973)
Monk Higgins "Who-Dun-It?" (St. Lawrence 1966) Monk Higgins Jackie Mittoo "Who Done It" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1969)
Barbara Lynn "You´ll Lose A Good Thing" (Jamie 1962) Barbara Lynn Ozen, Huey P Meaux Audrey Hall "You'll Lose A Good Thing" (Dandy Livingstone, Downtown 1969)
Chuck Jackson "My Willow Tree" (Wand 1962) Dixon, Elgin, Rogers Alton Ellis "Willow Tree" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1968)
Alton Ellis "Willow Tree" (Clement Dodd, Studio One LP 'Best Of' 1969)
Chuck Jackson "Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)" (Wand 1962) Burt Bacharach, Bob Hilliard Owen Gray "Any Day Now" (Trojan LP 'Reggae With Soul' 1969)
Chuck Jackson "I'm Your Man" (Wand LP 'Mr. Everything', 1964) Tommy Bell, Luther Dixon John Holt "I'm Your Man" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1969)
Big Youth "I Am Your Man" (Big Youth, LP 'Reggae Phenomenon', Agustus Buchanan 1974)
Erroll Dunkley "I'm Your Man" (Prince Jazzbo, Wild Flower 1975)
Linval Thompson "I'm Your Man" (Linval Thompson, Thompson Sound 1979)
Drifters "Mexican Divorce" (Atlantic 1962) Burt Bacharach, Bob Hilliard Gaylads "Mexican Divorce" (Clement Dodd, 196?)
Teddy Kind "Mexican Divorce " (Prince Buster, blank 1967)
Drifters "On Broadway" (Atlantic 1963) Mann, Leiber, Stoller, Screen Skatalites "Jack Ruby (On Broadway)" (Prince Buster 1964)
Skatalites "Broadway Ska" (Prince Buster 1964) (different version)
Wailers "Dance With Me" (Clement Dodd 1964) (using some parts of "On Broadway")
Slim Smith "Reggae On Broadway" (Bunny Lee, High Note 1968)
Dave Barker "On Broadway" (Bunny Lee, blank 1970)
Cilly Vera & Judy Clay "Storybook Children" (Atlantic 1967) Chip Taylor, Billy Vera Ernest Wilson "Storybook Children" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1968)
Percy Sledge "Thief In The Night" (Atlantic LP "When A Man Loves A Woman" 1966) Bob Jones John Holt "Stealing Stealing" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1969)
? (Doo Wop Group) ? Wailers "Where´s The Girl For Me" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1965)
Unifics"Sentimental Man" (Kapp 1968) Guy Draper Ernest Wilson "Sentimental Man" (Bunny Lee, Pama 1970)
Manhattans "What Should I Do" (Avanti 1963) Riley Mack Dave Barker & Lloyd Charmers "Follow Your Heart" aka " What Should I Do" (Lloyd Charmers, Hummingbird 1971)
Manhattans "I´m The One That Love Forgot" (Carnival 1965) Edward Jesse Bivins Uniques "Out Of Love" (Winston Lowe, Tramp 1968)
Sam Cooke "You Send Me" (Keen 1957) Sam Cooke Melody Enchanters "You Send Me" (Raymond Harper, Doctor Bird 1966)
Prince Buster "Try A Little Tenderness" (Soul Medley) (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1968)
Joe White "Try A Little Tenderness" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1968)
Sam Cooke "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons" 1957)
and many other versions
William Best Hamlins "Sentimental Reasons" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1968)
Prince Buster "Try A Little Tenderness" (Soul Medley) (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1968)
Gene Rondo "Sentimental Reason" (Dandy Livingstone, Downtown 1969)
Sam Cooke "Wonderful World" (Keen 1960) Sam Cooke, Herb Alpert, Lou Adler Bongoman Byfield "Bongo Man" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1964)
Kilowatts (Eric Donaldson) "Wonderful World" (J.J. Johnson, Sir JJ 1968)
Harry & Radcliffe "History" (Hippy Boys, blank 1969)
Sam Cooke "Chain Gang" (RCA Victor 1960) Sam Cooke Jamaicans "Chain Gang" (Dodd 1965)
Winston Francis "Chain Gang" (WIRL 1967)
Sam Cooke "Bring It On Home to Me" (RCA Victor 1962) Sam Cooke Kilowatts (Eric Donaldson) "Bring It On Home" (J.J. Johnson 1968)
Sam Cooke "Send Me Some Loving" (RCA Victor 1963) Leo Price, John Marascalco Derrick Morgan "Send Me Some Loving" (Morgan 1969)
Sam Cooke "A Change Is Gonna Come" (RCA Victor 1964) Sam Cooke Prince Buster "Long Time Coming (Change Is Gonna Come)" (Prince Buster, Prince Buster 1967)
Larks "The Jerk" (Money 1964) D. Julian Derrick Harriott "The Jerk" (Harriott 1965)
Jimmy Forest "Night Train" (United 1952)
James Brown "Night Train" (King 1962)
Forrest, Washington, Simkins Danny Davis & Byron Lee & The Dragonaires "Night Train From Jamaica" (Byron Lee 1964)
Tony Washington "Night Train" (Chris Blackwell 1964)
James & Bobby Purify "I´m Your Puppet" (Bell 1966) D. Penn, L. Oldham Dandy "I´m Your Puppet" (Dandy 1969)
Bobbie Gentry "Ode To Billy Joe" (Capitol 1967) Gentry Tommy McCook "Ode To Billy Joe" (Duke Reid 196?)
Joe Tex "Build Your Love On A Solid Foundation" (Dial 1965) Joe Tex Dandy "Build Your Love On A Solid Foundation" (Dandy 1970)
Joe Tex "The Love You Save" (Dial 1966) Joe Tex Maybe inspired by Joe Tex' tune, but not a cover version:
Slim Smith "I´ve Been Terrorised" aka "The New Boss" (Dodd 1966)
Slim Smith "I´ve Been Terrorised" aka "The New Boss" (Bunny Lee 1969)
Chuck Jackson "The Prophet" (Wand 1962) Luther Dixon, Rose Marie McCoy Prince Buster "Words Of The Prophet" (Prince Buster, blank 1966)
Freddie Scott "Are You Lonely For Me" (Shout 1966) Bert Berns Prince Buster "Are You Lonely" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
Dutones "It Just Ain´t Right" (Columbia 1963) R. Parker Rita Marley "That Ain´t Right" (Clement Dodd ca. 1966, first released on 'Wailers and Friends', Heartbeat 1999)
Alvin Cash & The Crawlers "Twine Time" (Mar-V-Lus 1965) Verlie Rice & Andre Williams Roland Alphonso & the Soul Brothers "Doctor Ring Ding" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1965)
Tommy McCook "Jerk Time" (Ken Lack, Jontom 1966)
Roy C "High School Dropout" (Uptown 1966) Hammond Ethiopians "Good Ambition" (Harriott 1970)
King Curtis "Soul Serenade" (Capitol 1964) 'King' Curtis Ousley, Luther Dixon Soul Brothers "Soul Serenade" (Dodd 1966)
Tommy McCook & the Supersonics "Soul Serenade" (Reid 1967)
Byron Lee "Soul Serenade" (Byron Lee 1969)
Seven Letters "Soul Crash" (Carl J.J. Johnson 1970)
Ernie K-Doe "Mother-In-Law" (Minit 1961) Allen Toussaint Shenley Duffus "Mother In Law" (Dodd, Studio One 1964)
Lee Perry"Mother In Law" (Dodd, C & N 1964)
Robert Parker "Holdin´ Out" (Nola 1967) E. Johnson Creations "Holding Out" (Joe Gibbs 1968)
Willie Tee "All For One" (AFO 1962) Neal Hefti Abyssinians "Satta Massa Gana" (Linford Manning, Clinch 1969)
Not a cover version, but maybe inspired by "All For One"!
Or was it Neal Hefti's "The Mafista" (see soundtracks)?
Barbara Lynn "You´re Gonna Need Me" (Jamie 1962) Barbara L. Ozen Errol Dunkley "You´re Gonna Need Me" (Joe Gibbs 1967)
Howard Tate "Ain´t Nobody Home" (Verve 1966) Jerry Ragovoy Owen Gray "Ain´t Nobody Home" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1968)
Patti Drew "Just Can´t Forget About You" (Capitol 1967)
Jerry Butler "Just Can´t Forget About You" (Mercury 1968)
Gamble, J. Butler, B. Butler Phyllis Dillon "I Can´t Forget About You Baby" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle LP 1972)
Bettye Swann "Make Me Yours" (Money 1967)
Bettye Champion Phyllis Dillon "Make Me Yours " (Duke Reid, Sure Shot 1967)
Sheila Anthony "Living In Love" (Buttercup 1967) Teddy Randazzo, Pike Phyllis Dillon "One Life To Live" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1971)
Patti Drew "The Love That A Woman Should Give To A Man" (Capitol 1968) Andy Badale Phyllis Dillon "Love That A Woman Can Give To A Man" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle LP 1972)
Lou Rawls "My Ancestors " (Capitol 1968) Robert Tubert Prince Buster "My Ancestors (Kings Of Old)" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
Jimmy Cliff "My Ancestors" (Leslie Kong & Jimmy Cliff, Trojan LP 1969)
Garnet Mimms & the Enchanters "A Quiet Place" (United Artists 1964) N. Meade, S. Bell Prince Buster "Johnny Dollar" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
Dave Barker "Johnny Dollar" (Jimmy Riley, Pee 1971)
Garnet Mimms "Thinkin'" (Veep 1964) Jerry Ragovoy, Chip Taylor Ken Boothe "Thinking" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1971)
Tamlins "Thinking" (Joseph Hoo-Kim, Channel One 1977)
Chuck Jackson "If I Didn´t Love You" (Wand 1965) M. Barkan, P. Sawyer Eric Morris "If I Didn´t Love You" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1966)
Drifters "Sweets For My Sweet" (Atlantic 1961) Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman The Sensations with Bobby Aitken & the Carib Beats "Sweets For My Sweet" (Bunny Lee, WIRL 1967)
Cannonball Adderley "Mercy Mercy Mercy" (Capitol)
Larry Williams & Johnny Watson "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" (Okeh 1967)
Josef Zawinul The Paragons "Mercy Mercy" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1967)
Slim Smith "Mercy Mercy" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1967)
Barbara Mason "Ready To Learn" (Arctic 1965) Barbara Mason Heptones "Ready To Learn" (Clement Dodd, Studio One LP 1970)
Sam Cooke "Only Sixteen" (Keen 1959) Barbara Campbell Heptones "Only Sixteen" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1967)
Sam Cooke "A Change Is Gonna Come" (RCA Victor 1964) Sam Cooke

Heptones "A Change Is Gonna Come" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1967)
Ken Parker "A Change Is Gonna Come" (Bunny Lee, Lee´s 1968)

Mack Rice "Mustang Sally" (Blue Rock 1965)
Wilson Pickett "Mustang Sally" (Atlantic 1966)
Bonny Rice Ken Boothe "Mustang Sally" (Cement Dodd, Studio One 1967)
Tams "Dancing Mood" (ABC-Paramount LP 'Presenting The Tams' 1964) Ray Whitley Delroy Wilson "Dancing Mood" (Clement Dodd, All Stars 1966)
Tams "Close To Me" (ABC-Paramount LP 'Presenting The Tams' 1964) Dan Penn Delroy Wilson "Close To Me" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1966)
Derrick Harriott "Close To Me" (Derrick Harriott, Crystal 1969)
Inkspots "Do I Worry" (Decca 1940)
Tams "Do I Worry" (ABC-Paramount LP 'Presenting The Tams' 1964)
Stanley Cowan, Bobby Worth Derrick Harriott "Do I Worry" (Derrick Harriott, Crystal 1968)
Tams "Standing In" (ABC-Paramount LP 'Presenting the Tams' 1964) Joe South Uniques "Standing In" (Winston Lowe, Tramp LP 'Absolutely' 1968)
Derrick Harriott "Standing In" (Derrick Harriott, Crystal 1968)
Tams "It´s All Right (You´re Yust In Love)" (ABC-Paramount 1964) E. & C. Thomas Derrick Harriott "It´s All Right" (Derrick Harriott, ?)
Tams "Riding For A Fall" (ABC-Paramount 1966) Mac Davis Delroy Wilson "Riding For A Fall" (Dodd 1966)
Derrick Harriott "Riding For A Fall" (Harriott 1970)
Tams "I´ve Been Hurt" (ABC Paramount 1965) Ray Whitley Delroy Wilson "It Hurts" (Sonia Pottinger 1968)
Tams "You Lied To Your Daddy" (ABC Paramount 1964) Ray Whitley Rita Marley "You Lied" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1966)
Derrick Harriott "Been So Long (Medley)" (Derrick Harriott, Crystal 1969)
Tams "How Can I Unlove You" (ABC-Paramount 1965) Joe South Jamaicans "How Can I Unlove You" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1967)
Ray Whitley "Ive Been Hurt" (Dunhill 1965)
Tams "Ive Been Hurt" (ABC-Paramount 1965)
Ray Whitley Delroy Wilson "It Hurts" (Sonia Pottinger, Gay Feet 1968)
James Carr "Dark End Of The Street" (Goldwax 1967) Momann, Penn Prince Buster "Dark End Of The Street" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
Pat Kelly "Dark End Of The Street" (Lee Perry, Lees 1969)
Platters "Remember When" (Mercury 1959) B. Ram, M. Addy Ann Reid "Remember When" (Bunny Lee 1968)
Chris Kenner  "Sick And Tired" (Imperial 1957)
Fats Domino "Sick And Tired" (Imperial 1958)
Domino, Bartholemew, Kenner Ewan & Jerry "Oh Babe" (Ewan McDermott, Jolly 1967)
Ken Boothe "Oh Baby" (Clement Dodd, Studio One LP 'A Man And His Hits' 1970)
Derrick Morgan "Oh Babe" (Derrick Morgan, Pama 1970)
Fats Dominoe "My Girl Josephine" (Imperial 1960) Dominoe, Bartholomew Winston Groovy "Josephine" (Laurel Aitken 1970)
Lee Dorsey "Ya Ya" (Fury 1965) Robinson, Dorsey, Lewis Fitzroy Campbell "Waiting For My Rude Girl" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
one part of the refrain quoted in:
Charlie Organaire "Do All The Good You Can" (Ewan McDermot, Jolly 1966)
Lee Dorsey "Can You Hear Me" (Amy 1965) Allen Toussaint Ken Lazarus & Byron Lee "Can You Hear Me" (Byron Lee 1967)
Lee Dorsey "Get Out Of My Life, Woman" (Amy 1965) Allen Toussaint Tony Gregory "Get Out Of My Life Woman" (Dodd 1966)
Ken Lazarus & Byron Lee "Get Out Of My Life" (Byron Lee 1967)
Johnny Copeland "Tryin' To Reach My Goal" (Atlantic 1968) Thomas, McRee, Thomas Alton Ellis "Trying To Reach My Goal" (Reid 1968)
Bobby Hebb "Got You On My Mind" (LP 'Sunny', Philips) Thomas, Biggs Derrick Morgan "Got You On My Mind" (Kong 1967)
Glenn Miller, Ink Spots, ...
Platters "My Prayer" (Mercury 1956)
Georges Boulanger, Jimmy Kennedy Jackie Opel "My Prayer" (Dodd 1965)
James Brown "Try Me" (Federal 1958) James Brown Jackie Opel "Try Me" (Dodd 1965)
Dion & The Belmonts "A Teenager In Love" (Laurie 1959) Pomus, Shuman Wailers "Teenager In Love" (Dodd 1965)
Jackie Wilson "Lonely Teardrops" (Brunswick 1958) Berry Gordy Jr., Tyran Carlo Ken Boothe "Lonely Teardrops" (Dodd 1966)
Jackie Wilson "To Be Loved" (Brunswick 1958) Berry Gordy Jr., Tyran Carlo Prince Buster "To Be Loved " (Buster 1966)
Jackie Wilson "Higher And Higher" (Brunswick 1967) Gary Jackson, Raynard Miner, Carl Smith Josh "Higher And Higher" (Joe Mansano 1969)
Barbara Acklin "Love Makes A Woman" (Brunswick 1968) Eugene Record, William Sanders, Carl Davis, Gerald Sims Slim Smith "Burning Desire" (Bunny Lee 1969)
Paul Martin "Snake In The Grass" (Ascot 1965) Redd, Martin Larry Marshall "Snake In The Grass" (Yap 1965)
Dyke And The Blazers "Funky Broadway" 1967
Wilson Pickett "Funky Broadway" 1967
Allister Christian Llans Thelwell "Funky Broadway" (WIRL 196?)
Tommy Tate "Lover's Reward" (Okeh 1966) B.J. McCarthy Blues Busters "Lover´s Reward" (Byron Lee / Ronnie Nasralla 1967)
Donnie Elbert "What Can I Do" (Deluxe 1957) Donnie Elbert Derrick Harriott "What Can I Do" (Harriott 1963/1964)
Donnie Elbert "Leona" (Deluxe 1957) Donnie Elbert Derrick Harriott "Oh Leona" (Harriott 1963/1964)
??? Cosby, Dean Derrick Harriott "Another Lonely Night" (Harriott 1969)
Bettye Swann "Make Me Yours" (Money 1967) Bettye Champion Phyllis Dillon "Make Me Yours" (Reid 1967)
Drifters "Save The Last Dance For Me" (Atlantic 1960) Pomus, Shuman Laurel Aitken "Save The Last Dance For Me" (Laurel Aitken 1969)
Ben E. King "Spanish Harlem" (Atco 1960) Jerry Leiber, Phil Spector Val Bennett "Spanish Harlem" (Perry 1968)
Slim Smith "Spanish Harlem" (Bunny Lee 1969)

Ben E. King "My First Taste Of Love" (Atco 1960)

Doc Pomus, Phil Spector Derrick Morgan "My First Taste Of Love"
Ben E. King "Stand By Me" (Atco 1961) King, Leiber, Stoller Derrick Morgan "Stand By Me" (Bunny Lee 1969)
Laurel Aitken "Stand By Me"
Ben E. King "Don´t Play That Song (You Lied)" (Atco 1962) Ahmet Ertegün, Betty Nelson Derrick Morgan "Don´t Play That Song" (Morgan 1969)

Ben E. King "How Can I Forget" (Atco 1963)
Jimmy Holiday "How Can I Forget" (Everest 1963)

Townsend, Baird, White Derrick Morgan "How Can I Forget"
Ben E. King "Seven Letters" (Atco 1964) Ben E. King Righteous Flames "Seven Letters" (Dodd 1968)
Derrick Morgan "Seven Letters" (H. Robinson 1969)
Ben E. King "I Can´t Take It Anymore" (Atco 1968) Burton, Otis David Isaacs "Can´t Take It Any More" (Perry 1969)
Ike & Tina Turner "It´s Gonna Work Out Fine" (Sue 1961) Rose Marie McCoy, Sylvia McKinney Owen Gray "Everything´s Gonna Work Out Fine" (Owen Gray1969)
James Brown "I Guess I´ll Have To Cry Cry Cry" (King 1967) James Brown Bob Marley & The Wailers "My Cup" (Perry 1970)
Charles Berry "Neighbour Neighbour" (Jet Stream 1965) Alton Valier Joe Higgs "Neighbour Neighbour" (Dodd 1967)
Wilbert Harrison "Kansas City" (Fury 1959) Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller Joya Landis "Kansas City" (Reid 1968)
Lloyd Price "Personality" (ABC-Paramount 1959) Price, Logan Alton Ellis "Personality" (Reid 1968)
Chuck Jackson "My Willow Tree" (Wand 1962) Dixon, Elgin, Rogers Alton Ellis "Willow Tree" (Reid 1968)
Soul Sisters "I Can´t Stand It" (Sue 1964) McAllister Alton Ellis "I Can´t Stand It" (Reid)
Gene Chandler "Groovy Situation" (Mercury 1970) Lewis, Davis Derrick Harriott "Groovy Situation" (Harriott 1970)
Van Dykes "No Man Is An Island" (Hue 1965) Rondalis Tandy Dennis Brown "No Man Is An Island" (Dodd 1970)
Derrick Harriott "No Man Is An Island" (Harriott 1970)
Delfonics "La La Means I Love You" (Philly Groove 1968) Thom Bell, William Hart Alton Ellis "La La Means I Love You" (Reid 1968)
Joe Simon "The Chokin' Kind" (Sound Stage Seven 1969) Harlan Howard Ken Parker "Choking Kind" (Dodd 1969)
Joe Simon "Moon Walk" (Sound Stage Seven 1970) Joe Simon Nicky Thomas "Doing The Moonwalk" (Gibbs 1970)
Syl Johnson "Is It Because I´m Black" (Twinight 1969) J. Jones, G. Watts, S. Johnson Senior Soul "Is It Because I´m Black" (Dodd 1969)
Young Holt Unlimited "Soulful Strut" (Brunswick 1969) Eugene Record, Sonny Sanders Sound Dimension "Soulful Strut" (Dodd 1969)
Nina Simone "To Be Young, Gifted And Black" (RCA 1969) Weldon Irving, Nina Simone Bob & Marcia "Young, Gifted And Black" (Harry Johnson 1970)
Prince Buster "Young, Gifted And Black" (Buster 1970)
Heptones "Young, Gifted And Black" (Dodd 1970)
Oscar Toney Jr. "No Sad Songs" (Bell 1967) Darryl Carter Barry Llewelyn: Sad Song (Dodd 1969)
Harvey Scales "Love-Itis" (Magic Touch 1967) Harvey Scales, Rudy Jacobs Fabulous Flames "Love-Ites" (Eccles 1971)
Winstons "Colour Him Father" (Metromedia 1969 ) R. Spencer Lloyd Charmers "Colour Him Father" (Lloyd Tyrell 1970)
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Too Late Too Turn Back Now" (United Artists 1972) Eddie Cornelius Alton Ellis "Too Late To Turn Back Now" (Vincent Chin 1973)
Dave 'Baby' Cortez "Happy Organ" (Clock 1959) Wood, Clowney, Kriegsmann The Soul Vendors "Happy Organ" (Studio One, Dodd 1968)
Bobby Bland "Call On Me" (Duke 1962) Deadric Malone Delroy Wilson "I Need Your Loving" (Studio One, Dodd 1964)
Different lyrics, but same melody
Tyrone Davis "Can I Change My Mind" (Dakar 1968) Barry Despenza, Carl Wolfolk Alton Ellis "Can I Change My Mind" (Studio One, Dodd 1969)
Jackie Mittoo "Can I Change My Mind" (Coxsone, Dodd 1969)
Delroy Wilson "Can I Change My Mind" (Hatchet, Bunny Lee 1973)
Nicky Thomas "Baby Can I Change My Mind" (Reflections, Gibbs 1973)
Maxine Brown "All In My Mind" (Nomar 1960) Brown, Kirkland, Johnson Prince Buster "All In My Mind" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1966)
Toussaint McCall "Nothing Takes The Place Of You" (Ronn 1967) Toussaint L. McCall Prince Buster "Nothing Takes The Place Of You" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
Bill Withers "Lean On Me" (Sussex 1972) Bill Withers, Jackson, Gadson, Dunlap, Blackman B.B. Seaton "Lean On Me" (Lloyd Charmers, Splash 1972)
Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths "Lean On Me" (Harry Johnson, Harry J 1972)
Artistics "I´m Gonna Miss You" (Brunswick 1966) M. Smith, J. Bolian, L. Johnson Not a cover version, but maybe influenced Derrick´s "The Loser"
Derrick Harriott "The Loser" (Derrick Harriott, Crystal 1967)
The Soul Survivors "Leaving Rome" (Atco 1969) Richard Ingui, Charles Ingui Jo Jo Bennett "Leaving Rome" (Harry Mudie, Moodisc 1970)
Pat Lundy "Make It For The Door" (Heidi 1965) Billy Dawn Smith Soulettes "Tighten Up" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1966)
Inez & Charlie Foxx "Come By Here" (Musicor 1966) Dixon, Foxx, Gaskins Norma Fraser "Come By Here" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1967)
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