The major influence on the development of Ska through the early Jamaican Shuffle Beat was black American Rhythm and Blues of the 50's, that was played heavily at Jamaican Sound System dances.

MY BOY LOLLYPOP - original version by Barbie Gaye and cover version by Millie Small

Doo-Wop & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Ravens "Old Man River" (National 1947)
(originally from the musical "Show Boat", written 1927)
Jerome David Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II Techniques "Old Man River" (Reid 196?)
Turbans "When You Dance" (Herald 1955) Andrew Jones Derrick Morgan "When You Dance" (Studio One, Dodd 1966)
Orioles "Crying In The Chapel" (Jubilee 1953) Artie Glenn Bob Marley & the Wailers "Selassie Is The Chapel" (Mortimo Planno 1968)
Chords "Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)" (Cat 1954) Feaster, Keyes, McRae, Feaster, Edwards Maytals "Life Could Be A Dream" (Dodd 1964)
Alton Ellis "Life Could Be A Dream" aka "She Boom" (Dodd 1972)
Harvey & the Moonglows "Ten Commandments Of Love" (Chess 1958) M. Paul Wailers "Ten Commandments Of Love" (Dodd 1966)
Clyde McPhatter & the Drifters "Honey Love" (Atlantic 1954) Clyde McPhatter, Jerry Wexler Burt Walters "Honey Love" (Perry 1968)
Clyde McPhatter & the Drifters "What'cha Gonna Do" (Atlantic 1955) Nugetre (Ahmet Ertegun) Techniques "What You Gonna Do" (Reid 1966)
Clyde McPhatter "Rock And Cry" (Atlantic 1957) Joyce Heath
From the film 'Mr. Rock and Roll'
Raving Ravers "Rock And Cry" (Bunny Lee 1969)
Winston Francis "Reggae And Cry" (Dodd 1969)
Clyde McPhatter "A Lover´s Question" (Atlantic 1958) Brook Benton, Jimmy T. Williams Gene Rondo "Lover´s Question" (Dandy 1969)
Moonglows "Sincerely" (Chess 1954) Harvey Fuqua Owen Gray "Sincerely" (Sir Nephew 1971)
Shenley Duffus "Sincerely" (Perry 1972)
Marigolds "Rollin' Stone" (Excello 1955) Riley Prince Buster & the Charmers: Rolling Stone (Prince Buster 1963)
Teen Queens "Eddie My Love" (RPM 1956)
other 1956 versions by the Chordettes, the Fontanes
Maxwell Davis, Aaron Collins jr., Sam Ling Nora Dean "Eddie My Love" (Bunny Lee 1974)
Cardinals "Choo Choo" (Atlantic 1956) Winfield Scott Ewan & Jerry "The Rocksteady Train" (Ewan McDermott, Jolly 1967)
Pastels "Been So Long" (Argo 1958) Pastels Derrick Harriott "Been So Long (Medley)" (Derrick Harriott, Crystal 1969)
Dell Vikings "Come Go With Me" (Fee Bee 1956) Clarence Quick Clive & Naomi "Down Down" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1964)
Spaniels "You Gave Me Peace Of Mind" (Vee Jay 1956) Bracken Winston Samuels "Peace Of Mind" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1967)
Tony Allen & the Champs "Nite Owl" (Specialty 1955) Tony Allen Hubert Lee & the Clarendonians "Night Owl" (Peter Austin & Kenneth WIlson, High School 1972)
Horace Andy "Night Owl" (Clement Dodd, Bongo Man 1972)
Wade Flemons & the Newcomers "Here I Stand" (Vee-Jay 1958)
Rip Chords "Here I Stand" (Columbia 1963)
Duane Yates & the Capris "Here I Stand" (N-Joy 1965)
Wade Flemons Justin Hinds & the Dominoes "Here I Stand" (Duke Reid, Dutchess 1967)
Rhythm & Blues & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Rosco Gordon "No More Dogging" (RPM 1952) Rosco Gordon Owen Gray "Running Around" (S. L. Smith 1960)
Joe Turner "Flip Flop And Fly" (Atlantic 1954) Jesse Stone, Joe Turner Theo Beckford "Walking Down King Street" (D. Dunkley & T. Beckford 1961)
Bobbettes "Mr. Lee" (Atlantic 1957) Bobbettes Laurel Aitken "Mr. Lee" (1969)
Harmonians "Music Street" (Ackee 1970)
Coasters "Yakety Yak" (Atco 1958) Leiber, Stoller Jeff Dixon & Alton Ellis "Yakety Yak" (Dodd 1967)
Lee Perry "Yakety Yak" (Perry 1969)
Ruth Brown "5-10-15 Hours" (Atlantic 1952) Rudy Toombs Val Bennett "Baby Baby" (Perry 1969)
Hal Paige And His Band "Drive It Home" (Atlantic 1953) Hal Paige Eric Morris "No. 1" (Duke Reid, Dutchess 1964)
Ivory Joe Hunter "It May Sound Silly" (Atlantic 1955)
and many other versions
Ivory Joe Hunter John Holt "It May Sound Silly" (Harry Mudie 1971)
Five Keys "Ling, Ting, Tong" (Capitol 1954) Mable Godwin Prince Buster "Ling, Ting, Tong" (Prince Buster 1965)
Clovers "Don´t You Know I Love You So" (Atlantic 1951) Nugetre (Ahmet Ertegun) Prince Buster "Don´t You Know I Love You So" (Buster 1968)
Clovers "In The Middle Of The Night" (Atlantic 1952) Ahmet Ertegun Prince Buster "Midnight" (Buster, Wildbells1964)
uses the same melody, rather inspiration than cover version
Clovers "Lovey Dovey" (Atlantic 1954) Memphis Edward Curtis, Ahmet Ertegun Owen Gray "Lovey Dovey" (Dandy 1968)
Clovers "Love Potion No. 9" (United Artists 1959) Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller Hugh Godfrey "My Time" (Clement Dodd 1966)
uses the same melody, but different lyrics
Lynn Hope "Blue Moon" (Aladdin 1951)
Marcels "Blue Moon" (Colpix 1961)
Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart Soul Brothers "Green Moon" (Dodd, Studio One 1966)
Dynamites "Red Moon" (Eccles 1969)
Brentford Rockers "Blue Moon" (Dodd)
Lynn Hope "Hope, Skip And Jump" (Aladdin 1952) Lynn Hope Val Bennett "Jumping With Mr. Lee" (Bunny Lee 1968)
Shep & The Limelites "Daddy´s Home" (Hull 1961) Sheppard, Miller Pat Kelly & the Techniques "Daddy´s Home" (Slim Smith 1968)
Jimmy Forest "Night Train" (United 1952)
James Brown "Night Train" (King 1962)
Washington, Simpkins, Forest Tony Binns & the Rudies "Night Train" (Dandy 1969)
Little Anthony "Tears On My Pillow" (End 1958) Bradford, Lewis Rudy Mills "Tears On My Pillow" (Harriott 1969)
Derrick Morgan "Tears On My Pillow" (?)
Top Notes "Twist And Shout" (Atlantic 1961)
Isley Brothers "Twist And Shout" (Wand 1962)
Beatles "Twist And Shout" (Parlophone 1963)
Phil Medley, Bert Russell Black Beatles / Derrick Morgan "Reggae And Shout" (1970)
Jimmie Lee and Artis: My Heart's Desire (Modern, 1952) Turner, Cheatum, Taub Ruddy & Sketto: My Heart´s Desire (Melodisc, Blue Beat 1965)
Cliques "The Girl Of My Dreams" (Modern 1956) Josea, Ling, Taub, Davis Dave Barker "The Girl In My Dreams" (Bunny Lee 1970)
Marvin & Johnny "Sugar" (Modern 1954) Ling Dennis Walks "Margaret "Harry Mudie 1974)
Willie Mitchell "20.75" (Hi 1964) Willie Mitchell (maybe inspired by Rosco Gordon´s "Just A Little Bit" 1960, written by Rosco Gordon) Roland Alphonso "20.75" (Dodd 1966)
Ma Rainey "See See Rider Blues" (Paramount 1925)
Orioles "See See Rider" (Jubilee 1952)
Chuck Willis "C C Rider" (Atlantic 1957)
LaVern Baker "See See Rider" (Atlantic 1962)
trad. Smokey 007 "CC Rider" (Reid)
Brook Benton "Endlessly" (Mercury 1959) Benton, Otis Silvertones "Endlessly" (Perry 1969)
Brook Benton "Kiddio" (Mercury 1960) Benton, Otis Silvertones "Kiddyo" (Perry 1969)
Doc Bagby "Dumplin´s" (OKeh 1957)
Ernie Freeman "Dumplin´s" (Imperial 1957)
Doc Bagby Byron Lee "Dumplins" (Dragon´s Breath, Byron Lee 1960)
Doc Bagby "Joy Ride" (OKeh 1957) Doc Bagby Byron Lee "Dumplins" (Dragon´s Breath, Byron Lee 1960)
Doc Bagby "You're So Delightful" (Mate) Yancey, Doc Bagby Roland Alphonso "You Can Depend On Me" (Reid 196?)
Roland Alphonso "You're So Delightful" (Dodd 1965)
Shirley And Lee "Feel So Fine" (Aladdin 1955) Leonard Lee Derrick Morgan & Patsy "Feel So Fine" (Reid 1961)
Shirley And Lee "Let The Good Times Roll" (Aladdin 1956) Leonard Lee Derrick and Patsy "Let The Good Times Roll" (Reid 1961)
Todd Rhodes & his Toddlers "Page Boy Shuffle" (Sensation 1949)
issued on King as Joe Thomas "Page Boy Shuffle" (King 1949)
Todd Rhodes
(Henry Glover credited on the King issue)
Duke Reid Group "What Makes Honey" (Reid 1960)
Val Bennett "Jumping With Val" (Bunny Lee 1968)
Floyd Dixon "Bartender" (Cat 1954) Floyd Dixon Laurel Aitken "Bartender" (Ken Khouri 1961)
Johnny Hodges "Things Ain't What They Used To Be" (Bluebird 1941) Mercer, Ellington Laurel Aitken "Bouncing Woman" (Melodisc UK, Blue Beat 1961)
(quoting the opening riff of "Things Ain't What They Used To Be")
Professor Longhair "Misery" (Ebb 1957) Roy Byrd Lloyd Williams & the Celestials "Misery" (Wasp 1962)
Clarance 'Frogman' Henry "But I Do" (Argo 1960) Robert Guidry, Paul Gayten Al T. Joe "But I Do" (Wasp 1962)
Clarance 'Frogman' Henry "Ain´t Got No Home" (Argo 1956) Clarance Henry Shenley Duffus "I´m A Lonely Boy" (Edwards 1964)
Little Richard "Good Golly Miss Molly" (Specialty 1958) John Marascalco, Robert "Bumps" Blackwell Basil Gabbidon "Hully Gully Miss Molly" (Buster 1962)
Lester Williams "I Can't Lose With The Stuff I Use" (Specialty 1952) Lester Williams Adopting the horns line:
Roland Alphonso "Bridgeview Shuffle" (Lloyd Daley)
Louis Jordan "Time Marches On" (Decca 1953) Louis Jordan, Willouby Derrick Morgan & Naomi "Time Marches On" (Reid 1964)
David Isaacs "Time Marches On" (Lynford Anderson 1968)
Louis Jordan "Run Joe" (Decca)
(see Mento section)
Willoughby, Jordan, Merrick Stranger Cole "Run Joe" (Reid 1965)
Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan "(I´ll Be Glad When You´re Dead) You Rascal You" (Decca 1950) Theard Sheridons "You Rascal You" (WIRL 196?)
Jack McVea "Open The Door Richard" (Black & White 1946)
Louis Jordan "Open The Door Richard" (Decca 1947)
McVea, Clarke Clive And Naomi "Open The Door" (Reid 1965)
Bill Doggett "Boo-Da-Ba" (King 1958) Doggett Skatalites "Ska Boo Da Ba" (Yap 1965)
Bill Doggett "Honky Tonk" (King 1956) Doggett, Shepherd, Scott, Butler Granville Williams Orchestra "Honky Tonk Ska" (Williams 1966)
Amos Milburn "One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer" (Aladdin 1953)
Thurston Harris "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer" (Aladdin 1960)
Rudolph Toombs Clive Wilson "One Ska One Beer" (? 1965)
Dandy& his Group "One Scotch, One Burbon, One Beer" (UK, 1967)
Alfred Brown "One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer" (Melmoth Nelson 1968)
Barbie Gaye "Lollypop" (Darl 1957) J.Roberts, R. Spencer Millie "My Boy Lollipop" (Chris Blackwell 1963)
Doreen Shaeffer (Maxine) "My Boy Lollipop" (Bunny Lee 1970)
Willis 'Gator' Jackson "Later For The Gator" (Apollo 1951)
"Later For The Gator" was very popular in Jamaica during the mid 1950s where it was known as "Coxsone Hop".
Willis Jackson Roland Alphonso "Downbeat Special" (Dodd 1963)
Louis Jordan "Caladonia Boogie" (Decca 1945)
Chuck Willis "Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard ?" (Okeh 1952)
Fleecie Moore Drumbago´s Orchestra "Tra La La Boogie" (Reid 1961)
Billy Hope & the Badmen "Riding West" (Savoy 1958) Martin Brunson Siegel Prince Buster All Stars "Driving West" aka. "Going West" (Buster 1964)
Sir Lord Comic & his Cowboys: "Skaing West" (Ronnie Nasralla 1965)
Billy Hope & the Badmen "Papa Luigi" (Savoy 1958) Ali, Cadena Carlos Malcolm "Papa Luigi" (1965)
Fats Domino "Going To The River" (Imperial 1953)
Chuck Willis "Going To The River" (Okeh 1953)
A. Domino, Dave Bartholemew Eric Morris "Going To The River" (Buster 1962)
Prince Buster "Going To The River" (Buster 1967)
Jewel King "3 x 7 = 21" (Imperial 1950) Dave Bartholemew Shenley Duffus "Three Times Seven" (King Edwards, King Edwards 1963)
Slim Smith "3x7 Rock & Roll" (Bunny Lee, blank 1972)
Ernie Freeman "Live It Up" (Imperial 1959) Ernie Freeman, Land Skatalites "Beardman Ska" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1965)
Bobby Day "Over And Over" (Class 1958)
Thurston Harris "Over And Over" (Aladdin 1958)
R. Byrd Roy Panton & Millie Small "Over And Over" (Prince Buster, Voice Of The People 1963)
Cornell Campbell "A Dance In A Greenwich Farm" (Bunny Lee, Attack 1975)
Fats Domino "Be My Guest" (Imperial 1959) Domino, Marascalco, Boyce Millie Small "Be My Guest" (Island UK1968?)
Billy Dice "Be My Guest" (Alvin Ranglin, Volcano 1972)
Huey (Piano) Smith & the Clowns "High Blood Pressure" (Ace 1958) Smith, Vincent

Prince Buster "High Blood Pressure" (Prince Buster / Islam 1965)
Ralph Blake "High Blood Pressure" (Coxsone 1968 / Dodd)

Oscar McLollie & Jeanette Baker "Hey Boy Hey Girl" (Class 1958) J. Thomas, O. McLollie Millie Small & Jimmy Cliff "Hey Boy Hey Girl" (Island? 196?)
Derrick Morgan & Patsy "Hey Boy Hey Girl" (Morgan 1968)
Jimmy Clanton "Go, Jimmy, Go" (Ace 1959) Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman Wailers "Go Jimmy Go" (Dodd 1964)
Bunk Johnson´s Band "Margie" (American Music 1945) ? Clue J. & His Blues Blasters "Margie" (1959)
Lynn Hope "Driftin'" (Aladdin 1952) Arr. Lynn Hope Lester Sterling "Drifting" aka
Skatalites "Below Zero" (Dodd 1963)
Chris Kenner "Something You Got" (Instant 1961) Kenner, Domino Hortense & Alton Ellis "Something You Got" (Reid 1965)
Lee Perry "Something You Got" (Perry 1967)
Larry Darnell "For You My Love" (Regal 1949)
Nellie Lutcher & Nat King Cole Trio "For You My Love" (Capitol 1950)
Paul Gayten "For You My Love" (Chess 1957)
Paul Gayten Shenley Duffus "For You My Love" (Clement Dodd, D Darling 1962)
Joe Jones "You Talk Too Much " (Ric 1960) Jones, Hall Gaylads "Talk Too Much" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1964)
Chris Kenner  "Sick And Tired" (Imperial 1957)
Fats Domino "Sick And Tired" (Imperial 1958)
Domino, Batholemew, Kenner Techniques "Oh Ba-a-by" (Duke Reid, 1966)
Ewan & Jerry "Oh Babe" (Ewan McDermott, Jolly 1967)
Derrick Morgan & Patsy "Oh Babe" (Bunny Lee, blank 1970)
Rosco Gordon "Let 'Em Try" (Vee-Jay 1961) R. Gordon, D. Gordon Alton Ellis "Let Him Try" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1967)
Gene Chandler "Duke Of Earl" (Vee-Jay 1962) Dixon, Williams, Edwards Alton Ellis "Duke Of Earl" (Duke Reid, Trojan 1966)
Chuck Willis "You´re Still My Baby" (Okeh 1953) Chuck Willis Prince Buster "Bye Bye Baby (By By Baby)" (Prince Buster, Prince Buster 1967)
Chuck Willis "Don't Deceive Me" (OKeh 1953)
Little Richard "Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)" (OKeh 1967)
Chuck Willis Prince Buster "Don't Deceive Me" (Prince Buster, Olive Blossom 1968)
James Waynes "Tend To Your Business" (Sittin' In With 1950) ? Duke Reid "My Business" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1964)
Dave Bartholomew "The Monkey" (Imperial 1957) Dave Bartholomew Denzil Thorpe "Monkey Speaks His Mind" (Clement Dodd, Muzik City 1966)
Phil Phillips & the Twilights "Sea Of Love" (Khoury´s / Mercury 1959) Phillip Bapiste, George Khoury Heptones "Sea Of Love" (Clement Dodd, Studio One LP 1968)
Penguins "Hey Senorita" (Dootone 1954) Curtis Williams Soulettes "Hey Senorita" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1965)
Willie Cobbs "You Don´t Love Me" (Ruler 1960) Willie Cobbs Dawn Penn "No No No (You Don´t Love Me)" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1967)
Paul Perryman "Just To Hold My Hand" (Duke 1956) Perryman, Robey Al Senior Pone "Hold My Hand" (Ranny Williams, Wasp 1969)
Lloyd Price "I Wish Your Picture Was You" (Specialty 1953) Lloyd Price Prince Buster "I Wish Your Picture Was You" (Prince Buster, Prince Buster 1971)
Gene Coy & his Killer Dillers "Killer Diller" (Regent 1948) Gene Coy Clue J & his Blues Blasters "Milk Lane Hop" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1961)
Julian Dash & his Sextet "Preachin" (Sittin' In 1951) ? The Baba Brooks Band "Nuclear Weapon" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1965)
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