Everything popular seems to have been adopted by Jamican musicians:
SKA IN VIENNA WOODS is based on a waltz by Johann Strauss.
Said to be the most recorded song of all times - LA PALOMA,
recorded in Jamaica by the Baba Brooks Band (King Edward´s All Stars) as DR. NO.

Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Alice Faye "You'll Never Know"
used in the film "Hello, Frisco, Hello" 1943
Harry Warren, Mack Gordon Lord Tanamo "You'll Never Know" (Lindon Pottinger, SEP 1965)
Bing Crosby "You Belong To My Heart" (Decca 1945)
see Wikipedia
Agustín Lara, Ray Gilbert Lord Tanamo "You Belong To My Heart" (Lindon Pottinger, SEP 1964)
Demons "You Belong To My Heart" (Lenroy Moffat, Muffat 1969)
Carman Cavallaro "Enlloró (Voodoo Moon)" (Decca 1945) Obdulio Morales, Julio Blanco, Marion Sunshine Soul Brothers "Voodoo Moon" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1966)
Eydie Gorme "Blame It On The Bossa Nova" (Columbia 1963) B. Mann, C. Weil Vin Gordon "Valley Princess" (Clement Dodd, Studio One LP 1969)
Bert Kaempfert "Afrikaan Beat" (Decca 1962) Bert Kaempfert Vin Gordon & Lester Sterling "Afrikaan Beat" (Clement Dodd, Coxsone 1968)
Herman Chin Loy "To The Fields" (Herman Chin-Loy, Aquarius 1971)
Claude Gray "I´ll Just Have A Cup Of Coffee (Then I´ll Go)" (Mercury 1960) Bill Brock Bob Marley "One Cup Of Coffee" (Kong 1962)
Jimmy Dorsey "Besame Mucho" (Decca 1944) Consuelo Velázquez Lester Sterling "Skaramont" (Randy´s 1964)
Los Bravos "You Won´t Get Far" (Decca LP 'Black Is Black' 1966) Colin Butler, Manolo Diaz Slim Smith & Delroy Wilson "Look Who´s Back Again" (Dodd 1966)
Guenther Kallmann Chor "Elisabeth Serenade" (German Polydor 1964)
The Mantovani Orchestra played this composition first in 1951, titled "Andante cantabile".
Ronald Binge Boris Gardiner & the Love People "Elizabethan Reggae" (Byron Lee, 1969)
Jumbo Sterling "Elizabethan Reggae" (Jack Price, Sioux 1972)
"A Little Bit Of Heaven" ? Tommy McCook "A Little Bit Of Heaven" (Reid 1966)
"That Lucky Old Sun" and
"Old Man River"
Gillespie, Smith
Hammerstein, Kern
Prince Buster "Wash Wash" (Buster 1962)
Pelita Corrales "Dahil Sa Iyo" aka. "Dahil Sa'Yo" early or mid 50s (P. C is a singer from the Philippines)
Arthur Lyman "Dahil Sayo" 1959
D. Santiage, M. Velarde Skatalites "Because Of You" aka "Dahil Sayo" (aka "El Cid" - DJ version) (Yap)
Hibari Misora "Ringo Oiwake" (Hibari Misora was a famous Japanese singer who recorded the original version back in 1952)
Martin Denny "Ringo Oiwake" ("Exotica Vol. 3", Liberty 1959)
Ethel Azama "Ringo Oiwake" ("Exotic Dreams", Liberty 1959)
Arthur Lyman "Ringo Oiwake" ("Taboo", Hifirecord 1958)
Masao Yoneyama, Fujio Ozawa Skatalites "Ringo Rides" (Yap 1965)
Arthur Lyman "China Clipper" ("Taboo", Hifirecord 1958) Paul Conrad Skatalites "China Clipper" (Yap 1965)
Arthur Lyman "Cast Your Faith To The Wind" 1965 Guaraldi Tommy McCook "Cast Your Faith To The Wind" (aka "Reincarnation", "Prince Royal") (Buster 1964)
"Old Black Joe" Stephen Foster Skatalites "Black Joe" (Randy´s 1965)
"Oh Susanna" Stephen Foster Billy Vernon & the Celestials (Wirl)
Bob Eberly with Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra "Maria Elena" (Decca 1941)
Nat 'King' Cole "Maria Elena" (Capitol LP 'Nat King Cole En Español' 1958)
Los Indios Tabajaras "Maria Elena" (RCA Victor 1963)
Lorenzo Barcelata Billy Vernon & the Celestials (Wirl)
Roland Alphonso & Studio One Orchestra "Maria Elena" (Dodd 1966)
Nat King Cole "Nature Boy" (Capitol 1948)
Jazz standard, released in many versions...
Eden Ahbez Lascelles Perkins "Nature Boy" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1978)
Nat King Cole "Ramblin' Rose" (Capitol 1962) Hoagy Carmichael, F. Loesser Raymond Harper & the Matador All Stars "Heart And Soul" (Daley 1962)
Larry Clinton "Heart And Soul" 1938
Four Aces "Heart And Soul" 1952
Cleftones "Heart And Soul" 1961
Jan & Dean "Heart And Soul" 1961
Hoagy Carmichael, F. Loesser Raymond Harper & the Matador All Stars "Heart And Soul" (Daley 1962)
Gene Autry "South Of The Border"
(from the 1939 film "South Of The Border", starring Gene Autry)
Recorded in my versions
Shep Fields, Guy Lombardo, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra
Michael Carr, Jimmy Kennedy Monty & the Cyclones "South Of The Border" (Clement Dodd, All Stars 1961)
Ferdie Nelson "Ska Down Jamaica Way" (Justin Yap, Top Deck 1964)
Prince Buster "South Of The Border" (Prince Buster, Prince Buster 1972)
"Yours (Quiéreme Mucho)"
latin music standard, recorded in many versions
Vera Lynn "Yours" (London 1952)
Gonzalo Roig, Augustin Rodriguez
engl. lyrics: Albert Gamse, Jack Sherr
Ferdie Nelson "Lonely And Blue Boy" (Justin Yap, Top Deck 1965)
Raymond Harper "Yours" (Raymond Harper, Doctor Bird 1966)
Hortense Ellis "Yours" (Bunny Lee, Unity 1970)
"Autumn Leaves"
standard, originally a 1945 french song "Les feuilles mortes"
Joseph Kosma
Jacques Prévert (French lyrics), Johnny Mercer (English lyrics)
Raymond Harper "Autumn Leaves" (Raymond Harper, Doctor Bird 1966)
African Dance Band of the Cold Storage Commission of Southern Rhodesia "Skokiaan" (Gallotone Jive 1947)
Louis Armstrong "Skokiaan" (Decca 1954)
Pérez Prado "Skokiaan"
Bill Haley "Skokiaan"
August Musarurwa Carlos Malcolm "Skakian" (Malcolm 196?)
Dynamites "Mr. Midnight" (Eccles 1969)
Edwin Hawkins Singers "Oh Happy Day" (Pavillion 1967) Edwin Hawkins, based on 18th century hymn Roland Alphonso "One Heart" (Buster 1969)
Norman Washington "Oh Happy Day" (? 1969)
??? ? Gaylads "Chipmonk Ska" (Dodd 1966)
??? J. Thomas, H. Biggs Maytals "I´m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry" (Dodd 196?)
"Quizas" (cuban song)
Doris Day "Perhaps"
Oswaldo Farres Prince Buster "Don´t Throw Stones" aka "Rude Rude Rudie" (Buster 1966)
Obernkirchner Kinderchor "Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann"
„Der fröhliche Wanderer“
Stargazers "The Happy Wanderer" (Decca 1954)
Friedrich Wilhelm Möller, Friedrich Sigismund Baba Brooks "Robin Hood Ska" (Reid 1963)
Ketty Lester "Love Letters" (Era 1962)
and many other versions
Victor Young, Edward Heyman Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon "Love Letters" (Reid)
Josephine Baker "Don't Touch Me Tomatoes"
George Symonette "Don't Touch Me Tomato"
Marie Bryant "Don't Touch Me Tomato" [recorded in London in the early 50´s] (Monogram 195?)
? Phyllis Dillon "Don't Touch Me Tomato" (Reid 1967)
La Golondrina (Mexican song, recorded in 1906)
Roy Orbison "She Wears My Ring"
Elvis Presley "She Wears My Ring"
Felice Bryant, Boudleaux Bryant Phyllis Dillon "She Wears My Ring" (Reid 1968)
Wade Flamons "Here I Stand" (Vee-Jay 1958)
Rip Chords "Here I Stand" (Columbia 1963)
Wade Flemons Justin Hinds "Here I Stand" (Reid 1966)
Hibari Misora "Ringo Oiwake" (Hibari Misora was a famous Japanese singer who recorded the original version back in 1952)
Martin Denny "Ringo Oiwake" ("Exotica Vol. 3", Liberty 1959)
Ethel Azama "Ringo Oiwake" ("Exotic Dreams", Liberty 1959)
Arthur Lyman "Ringo Oiwake" ("Taboo", Hifirecord 1958)
Masao Yoneyama, Fujio Ozawa Soul Brothers "Ringo" (Dodd 1967)
? M. Makeba, H. Belafonte Jamaicans "Woman Go Home" (Reid 1968)
Elias & his Zigzag Jive Flutes "Tom Hawk" 1958 R. Bopape Dynamites "John Public" (Eccles 1969)
Bert Kaempfert "Moon Over Naples" (Decca LP 'The Magic Music of Far Away Places' 1965)
Al Martino "Spanish Eyes" (Capitol 1966)
Bert Kaempfert, Eddie Snyder, Charles Singleton Lynn Taitt & Tommy McCook "Spanish Eyes" (Reid 1966)
Matt Monro "Walk Into The Dawn" (Parlophone EP 1964) L. Bart Max Romeo "Walk Into The Dawn" (Bunny Lee 1968)
"Guantanamera" Joseito Fernandez Roland Alphonso "Guantanamara" (Leslie Kong 1967)
Louis Armstrong with Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra "Indian Love Call" 1950 Frimal, Harbach, Hammerstein Tommy McCook "Indian Love Call" (Reid 1966)
New Vaudeville Band "Winchester Cathedral" (Fontana 1967) Geoff Stephens Tommy McCook "Train To Skathedral" (Reid 196?)
Jackie Mittoo "Winchester Cathedral" (Dodd 1967)
"The Shadow Of Your Smile" Mandel, Webster Tommy McCook "The Shadow Of Your Smile" (Reid 1967)
"In A Persian Market" Albert Ketelbey Tommy McCook "Persian Cat" (Reid 1966)
Dean Martin "Sway (Quien Sera)" (Capitol 1954) Pablo Beltran Ruiz, Norman Gimbell Tommy McCook "Our Man Flint" (Reid 1967)
Val Bennett "Val Is Back" (Bunny Lee 1968)
Miriam Makeba "Pata Pata" (Reprise 1967) Ragovoy, Makeba Patsy & Count Ossie Band "Pata Pata Rocksteady" (Sonia Pottinger 1967)
Miriam Makeba "The Retreat Song" (RCA Victor LP 'Miriam Makeba', 1960) Miriam Makeba Nora Dean "Ahmad Jamal" (Vincent Chin, Chappy 1970)
Frankie Avalon "Venus" (Chancellor 1959) Ed Marshall Eric Frater "Venus" (Clement Dodd 1968)
Ruby & The Romantics "Hey There Lonely Boy" 1963
Eddie Holman "Hey There Lonely Girl" (ABC 1969)
E. Shuman, L. Carr Glen Adams ""Hey There Lonely Girl" (Bunny Lee 1968)
Nat 'King' Cole "Those Lazy Crazy Hazy Days Of Summer" (Capitol 1963) Hans Carste, Charles Tobias Ken Boothe "Lady With A Starlight" (Pottinger 1968)
Ventures "Perfidia" 1960
Glen Miller / Dorothy Claire "Perfidia"
Jimmy Dorsey
Nat King Cole
Xavier Cugat & Enric Madriguera
Alberto Dominguez 1939 Phyllis Dillon "Perfidia" (Reid 1967)
? trad. Tony & Dennis "Folk Song" (Reid 1967)
"'O Sole Mio"
Elvis Presley "It´s Now Or Never" (RCA 1960)
Eduardo di Capua Roland Alphonso & the Supersonics "Never To Be Mine (O Sole Mio)" (Reid 1967)
Teresa Brewer "Gonna Get Along Without You Now" (Coral 1952) Milton Kellem Melodians "I Will Get Along Without You" (Reid 1967)
Les McCann "Hey Leroy, You´re Mama Is Callin´ You" (LP 'Bucket `O Grease', Limelight / Mercury 1966) Les McCann Honey Boy Martin "Hey Leroy" (Reid 1967)
Hugo Winterhalter "Canadian Sunset" (RCA Victor 1956) Eddie Heywood Soul Brothers "Canadian Sunset" (Dodd 1967)
Jim Reeves "He´ll Have To Go" (RCA 1959) Allison, Allison David Isaacs "He´ll Have To Go" (Perry 1969)
Bobby Darin "If I Were A Carpenter" (Atlantic 1966)
Four Tops "If I Were A Carpenter" (Tamla 1969)
Tim Hardin Ernest Wilson "If I Were A Carpenter" (Dodd 1968)
Mr. Acker Bilk "Stranger On The Shore" (Columbia 1961) Acker Bilk Joe´s All Stars "Reggae On The Shore" (Joe Mansano 1969)
Johnny & the Hurricanes "Red River Rock" (Warwick 1959)
and many other versions
unknown, written around 1870 Sugar Plums "Red River Reggae" (Melodisc 1970)
El Tempos "My Dream Island" (Vee Jay 1961) Al Johnson Wailers "Dreamland" (Dodd 1966)
Bunny Livingston & the Wailers "Dreamland" (Perry 1970)
Winston Wright & the Upsetters "Dreamland" (Perry 1970)
Piero Umiliani "Máh-Ná-Mah-Ná" (Ariel 1969)
from the Sesame Street and Muppets Show
Piero Umiliani Mighty Diamonds "Struggling" (1978)
uses the melody from "Máh-Ná-Mah-Ná"
David Seville and The Chipmunks "Witch Doctor" (Liberty 1958) Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. Gaylads "Chip Monk Ska" (Dodd, Coxsone 1966)
The Obernkirchen Children´s Choir "The Happy Wanderer (Der fröhliche Wanderer)" (Decca 1954) Florenz Friedrich Sigismund, Friedrich-Wilhelm Möller Baba Brooks Band "Robin Hood" (Duke Reid, Dutchess 1963)
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass "More And More Amor" (A&M LP 'Going Places' 1965) Sol Lake Tommy McCook & the Supersonics "More Love" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1966)
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass "Crawfish" (A&M LP 'Lonely Bull' 1965) Lake Doran, Sol Lake, Ben Weisman, Fred Wise Soul Brothers "Cray Fish" (Clement Dodd, Studio One 1966)
Bop-A-Loos "South Parkway Mambo" (Mercury 1955) Collins Andy Capp & Val Bennett "Poppy Show" (Tiger, Lynford Anderson 1970)
Val quotes the horn theme from "South Parkway Mambo" at the start
? trad. Derrick Morgan "One Morning In May" (Bunny Lee 1968)
Xavier Cugat "The Lady In Red" (Victor 1935)
from the 1935 film "In Caliente"
Allie Wrubel Aubrey Adams and The Dew Droppers "Lady In Red" (Clement Dodd, All Stars 1961)
Betty Curtis "Al Di Là" (CGD 1961)
Connie Francis "Al Di Là" (MGM 1962)
Emilio Pericoli "Al Di Là" (Warner Bros. 1962)
Carlo Donida Tommy McCook "Tommy's Rocksteady" aka. "Comet Rocksteady" (Duke Reid, Treasure Isle 1967)
Traditionals and standards
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
"La Paloma" Sebastian de Yradier, Kräutner Baba Brooks "Dr. No" (Edwards 1964)
"Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes"
English traditional
trad. Carl Bryan "Hercules" (King Edwards)
"Humpty Dumpty" trad. Eric Morris "Humpty Dumpty" (Buster 1961)
"Old Mac Donald" trad. Granville Williams Orchestra "Old Mac Donald" (Williams 1966)
"Lavender Blue" trad. Baba Brooks "Blues (Lavender Blue)" (Sonia Pottinger, Gay Feet 1968)
Lloyd Robinson "Lavender Blue" (Harry Johnson, Harry J 1968)
Folk, Country & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Pete Seeger "Turn Turn Turn"
Byrds "Turn Turn Turn" (Columbia 1965)
Pete Seeger Soulettes "Turn Turn Turn" (aka "Time For Everything) (Dodd 1966)
Peter, Paul & Mary "If I Had A Hammer" (Warner Bros 1962) Pete Seeger, Lee Hays Nicky Thomas "If I Had A Hammer" (Gibbs 1970)
Joe Glazer & the Elm City Four "We Will Overcome" (LP 'Eight New Songs for Labor' 1950)
Pete Seeger "We Shall Overcome" (Columbia 1963)
Joan Baez "We Shall Overcome"
Charles Albert Tindley
adapted by Zilphia Horton, Guy Carawan, Frank Hamilton and Pete Seeger
Richard Brothers "I Shall Wear A Crown" (Reid 1963)
Laurel Aitken "We Shall Overcome" (Aitken 1966)
Prince Buster "We Shall Overcome" (Buster 1968)
Odetta "Oh, Freedom" (Tradition LP 'Odetta Sings Ballads and Blues' 1956)
Joan Baez "Oh Freedom"
trad. Clancy Eccles "Freedom" (Dodd 1959)
Clancy Eccles "Freedom" (Clancy Eccles 1969)
Tammy Wynette "Stand By Your Man" (Epic 1968) Billy Sherrill, Tammy Wynette Marlene Webber "Stand By Your Man" (Eccles 1970)
Jim Reeves "He´ll Have To Go" (RCA Victor 1959) Joe Allison, Audrey Allison Roy & Enid "He´ll Have To Go" (Dodd, Coxsone 1968)
Don Gibson "Sweet Dreams" (MGM 1956, RCA Victor 1960)
Tommy McLain "Sweet Dreams" (MSL 1966)
Don Gibson Pioneers "Sweet Dreams" (Gibbs 1968)
Bobby Bare "Green, Green Grass Of Home" (United Artists 1965)
Porter Wagoner "Green, Green Grass Of Home" (RCA 1965)
Tom Jones "Green, Green Grass Of Home" (Decca 1966)
Curly Putman Prince Buster "Green, Green Grass" (Buster 1968)
Johnny Rivers "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" (Imperial LP 'Changes' 1965)
Glen Campbell "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" (Capitol 1967)
Jimmy Webb Neol Brown "Phoenix" (Derrick Harriott 1969)
"Auld Lang Syne" trad. Prince Buster "ABC Ska" aka "Ska School" (Prince Buster 1964)
Religious, Gospel & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Bing Crosby  "White Christmas" (Decca 1942) Irving Berlin Wailers "White Christmas" (Dodd 1966)
"Jingle Bells" trad. Skatalites "Jingle Bells Ska" (Islam, Buster 1964)
Soul Brothers "Jingle Bells" (Dodd 1966)
"Down By The Riverside" trad. Maytals "War No More" aka "Down By The Riverside" (Dodd 1964)
"Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho" trad. Roland Alphonso "Jericho Chain" aka "Charles Street Special" (Prince Buster, Voice Of The People 1966)
"Just A Closer Walk With Thee" trad. Roland Alphonso "This Is Soul" aka "Just A Closer Walk" (Prince Buster, Voice Of The People 1966)
"Amen" trad. Wailers "Amen" (Dodd 1965)
"Swing Low Sweet Chariot" trad. Four Aces "Sweet Chariot" (Kong 1965)
Max Romeo "Sweet Chariot" (Max Romeo 1969)
"Nobody Knows The Trouble I´ve Seen" trad. Shenley Duffus "No Body Know" (King Edwards 1965)
Wailers "Nobody Knows The Trouble I´ve Seen" (Dodd 196?)
"Michael Row The Boat Ashore" trad. Max Romeo "Michael (Row The Boat Ashore)" (Bart San Filipo 1969)
"Oh When The Saints Go Marching In" trad. Tommy McCook "The Saint" (Reid 1969)
"Press Along Saints" trad. Zoot Simms "Press Along Prince" (Prince Buster, Voice Of The People 1963)
Bossa & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
João Gilberto "Desafinado" (Odeon 1958) Antonio Carlos Jobim Val Bennett & the Prince Buster All Stars "Desafinado" (Prince Buster, Voice Of The People 1964)
"Samba De Orfeu"
(from the 1959 movie "Black Orpheus")
Luiz Bonfa Skatalites "Black Sunday" (Dodd 1965)
Classical music & related
Original Artist Composer Jamaican Artist / Title / Producer
Theme from the 1st movement of Peter Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony (op. 74 Pathétique) Peter Tchaikovsky Tommy McCook "Starry Night" (Reid 1966)
theme from the 2nd movement of Anton Dvorak's 9th symphony (op. 95 New World) Anton Dvorak Lester Sterling "Air Raid Shelter" (Dodd 1963)
Waltz by Johann Strauss Johann Strauss Skatalites "Ska In Vienna Woods" (Dodd 1965)
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