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Welcome to SKAVILLE, listing coverversions in Jamaican 60´s music.

Working on my dissertation about early Jamaican music in the summer of 1999 I tried to find out wich kinds of music influenced the development of Jamaican popular music. So I started putting together a list of songs Jamaican musicians adopted from other musical genres.
I am going to present this list on this site including ska (and Jamaican R´n´B), rocksteady and early reggae (up to ca. 1970). Sometimes I give in addition to the artist who first recorded a tune the artist that I think has inspired the Jamaican version. For example after listening to Mongo Santamaria´s LP "Watermelon Man" it may look like the Baba Brooks´ Watermelon Man was inspired by Mongo´s version rather than Herbie Hancocks original. As I am still working on this list I would be thankful for anyone sending corrections and additions
to fill the gaps.
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